How to Bid

Bidding at Osona Auctions can be exciting, whether it be in person, on the phone, by absentee, or remotely online via,, or  There is thrill and drama at a live auction, and presented below are step-by-step instructions on the three ways to register and participate directly at Osona Auctions.


In Person, from the Auction Floor

To bid in person, it only takes a minute to register with the office to receive a bidding card.  First time buyer’s should bring a government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport.  Once the registration is complete and the auction starts…let the fun begin!  To bid, simply raise your paddle, pencil, finger or eyebrow until the auctioneer acknowledges your bid. We encourage attending the preview to earmark the items you are interested in bidding on.  Take notes, measurements, etc.  If attending the preview is not possible, we welcome email and telephone queries.



Absentee Bidding

Osona Auctions provides three easy and secure methods to leave absentee bids.  If you are unable to participate in an auction in person or by phone, an Absentee Bid allows you to place a maximum bid amount on individual lots.

  • Pick up an Absentee Bid Form at the Preview, fill it out and submit it to the office in person, by fax (508.228.8778), or email (
  • Download an Absentee Bid Form, fill it out and submit it to the office in person, by fax, or email.
  • Register online to submit your Absentee Bids electronically. After you sign in you can browse our upcoming auctions and leave bids on individual lots.

All absentee bids are executed competitively with the audience up to the amount specified. If the bidding stops in the audience on the exact amount of the Absentee Bid you may place Plus One/ or + 1 next to your Bid to avoid a tie. If two or more identical absentee bids are received from different bidders, the bid first received by the Company will take precedent. Your absentee bid should be the maximum amount that you are willing to bid, taking into account Buyer’s Premium and applicable Sales Tax. The auctioneer will bid competitively for you up to that amount, meaning that you could potentially end up winning your lot for less than your absentee bid price.




Phone Bidding

Phone Bidding is reserved for lots with an opening bid of $250 and up and is available on a first come, first served basis.  Fill out the Absentee Bid form to request phone bidding.  You may submit the form while at the Osona Auction Preview, or print it and fax it back to Osona Auctions.  Please note: Phone bidding is offered as a convenience.