Lowell Herrero (American Contemporary; 1921- 2015)

Lowell Herrero’s life has spanned the Great Depression, the Second World War, the rise of Silicon Valley, and the dawn of the twenty-first century. Passion for living invigorates Lowell Herrero's art, as he saturates canvases with the plentitude of sensuous landscapes, mingled with the actors who move about them.
Lowell Herrero is a singularly applauded American artist and illustrator, who has exhibited in prestigious Galleries on both coasts.

As an AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR, the artist's clients include: San Francisco Chronicle, American Coast Guard, Shell Oil Co, Bank of America,
The Franklin Mint, Chevrolet, Pillsbury, Morton Salt, Zee Products, Lang,
Milk Advisory Board, Matson Navigation, Delta Steamship Lines,
LA Dodgers and Wells Fargo Bank.

Various museum exhibitions and awards include a 2007 solo exhibition and retrospective, The Napa Valley Museum, CA. CATALOG; Greenwich Workshop Press

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