Nikita Carpenko (1898-1961)

Active on Nantucket, “Nikita Carpenko, {was a} ship-model maker, whose models are being exhibited at the Orrefors Gallery. His models are of the period 1750-1850, and he's quite generally accepted as the foremost ship-modeller of this day. President Roosevelt has a Carpenko, a true model of the Hudson River packet sloop Experiment, which sailed for China in 1785. It takes from three to six months to make one of his models; his total output for one year has never exceeded two large ships or five small ones. Mr. Carpenko was born in Poltava, in the Ukraine.” New Yorker ~ Talk of the Day May, 1941

Carpenko's modernist abstract figures are consistent in expressing this artist's alternative vision and his finely honed artistic skills.