Sergio Roffo (Italy/Massachusetts b. 1953)

Sergio Roffo was born in 1953 in San Donato, Italy. As a child his family immigrated to Boston, where he attended the Vesper George School of Art. Upon graduation he began a career as a freelance illustrator but after some years decided to return to his studies and transition into a career in fine art, studying under Boston School painters Robert Douglas Hunter and Robert Cormier.

Roffo’s work is inspired by the American traditional painters such as Inness, Fitz Henry Lane and Albert Bierstadt. Using his traditional drawing and landscape techniques he continually attempts to convey a sense of spirituality and harmony of nature through color and light, creating a style that has garnered him many awards including the Award of Excellence at the Mystic Museum International Exhibition, the Award of Excellence in Painting from the Copley Society and the Grumbacher Gold Medal Award, among others.

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